Welcome to O'Connor Equestrian

O’Connor Equestrian is dedicated to the production of event horses and development of riders from novice to Olympic level. After decades of international competition we are committed to producing the next generation of equestrian athletes.

Our system has produced horses and riders from varying backgrounds and with different experience up through the levels to compete internationally.  While several athletes have already represented the U.S., many more are now ready to make their team debut. You could be one of these riders because our program is tailored to your needs as you progress in knowledge and experience through our coaching, training, clinics and camps. 

We have both been so fortunate to have had an incredible string of successful horses that were owned by wonderful people. Our success has been based on the unique combination of the right horses and a meticulous management system with highly trained personnel that leaves no stone unturned.  Our team’s attention to detail, either in the saddle and the barn, has proved to be the foundation of our consistent success.

It would be our pleasure to help you and watch you too become successful.

Whether you're looking for coaching or training for yourself or your horse, or help to establish your own program, or you need Karen's expertise to help you buy or sell a horse you have come to the right place.

O’Connor Equestrian also offers investment opportunities, which we would be pleased to discuss with you.

Thank you for visiting and we look forward to hearing from you.

O'Connor Eventing Camp